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Providing local support for European customers since 2004 and our close partnership with Inspired eLearning allows us to seamlessly deliver global Security Awareness Programmes.

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About Us.

Our Security Awareness Training

Why choose Us.

Since 2003 Inspired eLearning have been pioneering the highest quality industry leading Security Awareness Training courses, resulting in our extensive portfolio of Cyber Security Training which is available in virtually any language and is fully customisable to support the individual culture of SMEs through to Multi National Corporates.

Our Training.

Its designed to specifically provide a positive and inclusive learning experience which effects a culture transformation and promotes best practice behaviour naturally, as well as a heightened sense of involvement and engagement for all employees. The courses are both "business appropriate" and highly interactive, promoting both a high level of learner satisfaction and retention.

Your Compliancy.

Not only will our training programmes fully underpin your compliancy requirements, such as ISO27000, PCI-DSS and Data Protection, we can also provide a baseline of IT Security Awareness, Physical Security Awareness for all users and topic specific training aimed at specific risks such as Phishing and other forms of Social Engineering.


Our Security Awareness Training

Amazing support and great flexibility.

Our Security Awareness Training is supported by the iLMS Delivery, Assessment, Analytics and Auditing Learning Management Platform capabilities including our [PhishProof], Phishing Simulation and Phishing Education technology, which is a comprehensive LMS built for Service Providers and Enterprise Grade Corporates and but of course, our training is also available as a SCORM module to install on your in-house LMS if you prefer.

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